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Can I Rekey a Lock Without the Original Key - Cp Locksmith

Can I Rekey a Lock Without the Original Key? Learn Here

Losing or misplacing the original key can lead to the need for rekeying your lock. This process alters the lock’s internal pins to make old keys ineffective while allowing new ones to function. But can you rekey a lock without the original key? Let’s explore how rekeying works, alternative solutions, and when to consult a professional locksmith.

How Rekeying a Lock Works

1. Disassembly

The locksmith removes the lock from the door and disassembles the cylinder.

2. Re-Pinning the Lock

The internal pins are arranged based on the new key’s pattern, effectively changing the combination.

3. Reassembly and Testing

After reassembly, the locksmith tests the lock with the new key to ensure smooth operation.

Can You Rekey a Lock Without the Original Key?

Yes, you can rekey a lock without the original key, but the process is more complex. Here’s why:

1. Picking or Drilling

A locksmith may need to pick or drill the lock to access the cylinder and re-pin it.

2. Replacement Cylinder

If picking or drilling isn’t possible, replacing the entire lock cylinder with a new one might be necessary.

3. Cost and Complexity

Rekeying without the original key requires specialized tools and skills, which can increase labor costs and time.

Table: Rekeying a Lock With or Without the Original Key

Rekeying Method Process
With Original Key Disassemble the lock, adjust internal pins, and reassemble with new key combination.
Without Original Key Pick or drill the lock to access the cylinder, or replace the lock cylinder entirely.

When to Rekey a Lock

1. Lost or Stolen Keys

If your keys are lost or stolen, rekeying the lock ensures the old keys no longer work.

2. New Tenancy

Rekeying protects against unauthorized access by previous tenants or employees.

3. Master Key System

Implement a master key system to control access while maintaining individual locks.

When to Replace a Lock Instead of Rekeying

1. Damaged Locks

If the lock is damaged or worn, it’s often better to replace it entirely.

2. Security Upgrade

Upgrade to a high-security lock if your existing lock is outdated or lacks advanced features.

3. Incompatible Locks

Some locks, like combination or smart locks, may not be easily rekeyed and require full replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rekey a lock without the original key?

Costs vary based on the lock type and required labor. Without the original key, the locksmith may need to drill the lock or replace the cylinder, adding to the cost.

2. Can I rekey my locks myself without the original key?

DIY rekeying is challenging without the original key. It requires picking skills or drilling, both of which can damage the lock. A locksmith has the proper tools for this job.

3. Will rekeying the lock make my old keys useless?

Yes, rekeying changes the internal pins so that old keys will no longer work. New keys are cut to match the new pin arrangement.

4. How long does it take to rekey a lock without the original key?

The process may take longer than standard rekeying due to the need to access the cylinder without the key. Timing depends on the lock complexity.

5. Is it better to rekey or replace a lock when moving into a new home?

Rekeying is generally more cost-effective if the lock is in good condition. However, replacing the lock might be better if you’re concerned about outdated security.

6. Can I have a locksmith rekey multiple locks to work with one key?

Yes, a locksmith can rekey several locks to work with a single master key. This is ideal for homes or offices where convenient access is needed.

7. Do all types of locks support rekeying?

Most pin-tumbler locks can be rekeyed, but electronic, combination, or older locks may require full replacement instead.


Rekeying a lock without the original key is possible but requires specialized skills. For professional rekeying or lock replacement services, contact CP Locksmith in Henderson, NV. Our experts will restore security and ensure your locks work flawlessly with new keys. Reach out to us today for trusted locksmith assistance!

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